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Not disturbing your workflow. Keeping up your reliability. This is what we mean with ‘Security’. You want to know what is going on in your hotel. No one will be intruding or tampering your system. We make sure of that.

The problem

Hotels often grapple with the complexity and costs of managing multiple vendors, networks, reporting systems, and potential points of failure. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiency and distracts from the main focus: delivering excellent guest experiences.

One Network, One Platform

Sbit offers a streamlined solution: one network and one provider. This approach reduces complexity, enhances efficiency, and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters – providing the best guest experience. With Sbit, you can leave the technical management to us and focus entirely on your guests.

Your employee is the strongest link 

Cybercriminals try to outsmart you. We can take precautions against this. One of them is creating staff awareness. We train your colleagues how to notice derogations and how to solve them.

Ransomware and crypto viruses are fairly common in hotels. If your staff does not know about these threats than this can lead to major data issues. Make sure your staff recognizes this. That they know which websites, passwords, and  email can cause data  traffic distraction. We offer a free of charge ‘Network detective scan’ which will show the vulnerabilities in case there are any. Once this is clear, we are able to train the staff by means of our online platform. 

Up and running in one hour

Can a complete network outage occur? Yes. Think about fire, water damage or viruses. But not to worry. Within one hour we have the network up and running again.

Yeswe worry for and with you when there is external damage. A server crash, ransomware or crypto virus doesn’t make you happy. But we are not worried that we cannot solve it. Our attention is at the promised hour: Within one hour we can get you back on track without loss of data. Our ‘back-up & disaster recovery’ solution is powered by Datto SIRIS 4. This is a complete ‘business continuity and disaster recovery’ line of products. 

Sbit has the highest partner status at Datto; Datto Blue Partner. We love to share this status with our relations.  

We care about your total network

We don’t only care about your data but we care about your total network. That’s why we create automated back-ups of all your switches and firewalls.

The firewall opens your network from the outside world. If the firewall breaks down, you will not have access to your cloud services anymore. For that reason, we give you the solution to make use of a “HA Cluster”. This “High Availability” is arranged by having a double firewall with “fail over” functionality. So, when firewall is not functioning correct, the network will automatically switch over to the other one. For switches we use something called “spanning tree”. Is one route not available on the network than a different route will be taken automatically. By using this method only, a small part of the network will not function. We love to show you how this works in a “live” environment.  

A reassuring thought

Which path can a criminal take in your hotel? How do you monitor this? We will be glad to advise you which systems and products you can use. Together we will find the best solution for your hotel.

There are regulations for cameras. A good camera is not automatically suitable for the job. The same counts for the NVR. How long do you want to keep your recordings and is it even allowed? Who are allowed to watch them? Our specialists will give the answers to all these questions and more. Point of view, resolution, frames per second, solution per occasion. We create the perfect scheme and design, so you have an simple choice to make.

Is your network supported by Sbit, than we are able to share the images over Wifi or even outside the hotel. You are always able to keep an eye out.  

Better safe,

than sorry

One of the Radisson hotels we manage was unfortunately struck by an unfaithful event. In our Network Operating Center we noticed failures. We immediately reacted and acted. What was the case? Water damage in the server room resulting in a server crash! For a lot of hotels a nightmare, but not for this hotel. A number of months earlier we had put a ‘business continuity’ solution in place, thanks to this the operation could continue.

Insights & Highlights

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