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ICT Support

We are here

for you,

day and night

Hotels are in motion, day and night. It makes you feel good that your ICT partner is available for you. We are with you, 24/7, day in, day out, for real!

The problem

Hotels often grapple with the complexity and costs of managing multiple vendors, networks, reporting systems, and potential points of failure. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiency and distracts from the main focus: delivering excellent guest experiences.

One Network, One Platform

Sbit offers a streamlined solution: one network and one provider. This approach reduces complexity, enhances efficiency, and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters – providing the best guest experience. With Sbit, you can leave the technical management to us and focus entirely on your guests.

We answer the phone in 10 seconds

In case of a problem, just call us and we will answer the phone in 10 seconds. No need to press an extension number, you will be helped promptly. We also make use of an ICT portal to request changes or get support.

Through an icon on your screen you are able to take a screenshot and create a support ticket automatically. We like to tell you more about this service. It is a pleasant thought that we are always available by phone. Yes, we are an ICT club, but with Hospitality running through our vains. In case your employee has an issue our servicedesk will be there for immediate assistance. 

In most cases we are able to solve the problem straight away, so we do not need to come on site, as your ICT network can be managed remotely. We do this 24/7.

'Active monitoring'

We are able to monitor, support and manage all devices connected to a network cable. Day and night. We call this ‘Active Monitoring’. Because of active monitoring problems are actively noticed.

Needless to say we pro-actively check your data back up and all matters of system security like endpoint security and updates. Using our ‘Active Monitoring’ we always know the exact status of your ICT hardware. We know the responsibilities being a provider of services. ICT problems are noted immediately and in most cases solved before it being a real issue. Monitoring is based on different levels.

In case things are not going the way you expected, do not hesitate to call our service number. We answer and assist straight away. Most likely we can provide you with the solution immediately as we are connected to your network. Support at location is hardly necessary.

We manage the ICT networks

In our Cloud Control Center we monitor and manage the ICT networks of our relations. We make use of smart ‘remote audit tools’. In this way the operation for every hotel is professionally managed by a team of Sbit professionals.

Every relation of Sbit gets equal attention. Your guest is our guest. Whether it is a small or big hotel, chain, luxurious, budget, resort or business, every relation has our complete focus. We see our relations as partners with the same goals, providing great services.

A lot of our duties are carried out by remote management. A great team of professionals is ready to serve you. Naturally there are situations where our presence on site is needed when replacement or repairing is needed. This can be ad-hoc, being it the same day. Or we can schedule on-site visits.



Use case

Odyssey Hotel Group

Both guest and hotel manager will have a good night sleep. PC updates will be carried automatically by Sbit. Server updates are taken care of during the night, risks of downtime during busy times are minimized. This is convenient for you, for us it is common and just a part of our 24/7 services.

Insights & Highlights

The future of

guest experience

This study seeks to provide valuable insights into the opinions and perspectives of more than 250 European hotel managers regarding the future of guest experience in their establishments.