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About us

Our customers have put their trust in our advice, service and maintenance for over 20 years

This team wants

a great hotel

Sbit wants to be the ict-services authority in Europe. We want the best people to join us to accomplish this, who will serve hotels and their guests 24/7 with smart and digital solutions providing the best ict–services in Europe. The way we work is simple: we want to be intuitive, create less work and downtime for the customer while using a safe and secure ICT environment.

Sbit’s teams are familiar with all ICT aspects within the hotel industry. We focus on quality combined with strategic and practical solutions. We make sure the guests and employees feel safe and are treated with great care, also the hotel manager will have a good night sleep. This means we protect and secure their data and provide them with flawless work days.

Interconnecting with your ambitions

We look ahead. We show you what the digital era asks for and what it has to offer. We interconnect with your ambitionswhether it is a budget formula, or a big resort. We will keep surprising and propose innovations you did not think of. We look at solutions used in different industries and countries and implement these solutions in the hospitality industry.   


20 years ago I founded Sbit with a clear focus on the hospitality industry. With our team we make the difference between ordinary ICT and Hospitality ICT, 24/7 - 365 days per year.

Sjors Brul, Managing Director Sbit



The word ‘together’ is mentioned in every proposal and in every plan, what we will achieve, has to match your expectations. That is what makes us successful; ICT teams who listen, create hotels who work well. We say customers, while we mean partnerships. With our partners we go for a long term relationship. Trust, innovation, proactive and just ‘getting things done’ are ingredients for a long term partnership. We are proud of this!

Will you

join us?

We are growing and constantly looking for new talent. Have a look at our current job openings. Don’t see your dream job? Give us a call and we might be able to create it anyway.