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Bastion Hotels invests in smart IPTV solution with Chromecast

Bastions hotels and Sbit have been in a relationship for years. For the 33 hotels in The Netherlands we manage the Wifi network and VoIP telephony. By partnering with Bastion we constantly look for improvements of their services.

The Bastion Hotels have a good and stable Wifi network. Wherever the guest resides in the hotel, he has the availability to use the same speed and bandwidthWe realized this by using  dual radio access points. We love the challenge of implementing innovations to improve the Wifi experience of the guests.  

The digital experience like you are at home

Recently Bastion Hotels asked us to help them by finding a solution for the new IPTV’s. The rise of IPTV with all its advantages is a trend which keeps developing. The guest wants hotels to match the digital experience in his hotel room  just like when he is at home. Besides a good choice of tv channels to choose from, good streaming possibilities should be available. ’Bring your own content’ applies for the Bastion Hotels and is a great way to exceed in service for their guests. 

In conjunction with Bastion Hotels we created and implemented a fantastic IPTV solution at their first pilot location. The standpoint was that the guest is able to have a secure connection to the television in the room via the Wifi network.  

For this hotel with 93 rooms we installed the new generation 4K tv’s with Chromecast. To make sure that every guest has its individual chromecast connection we used a Secured Chromecast Server, with naturally a part of extra technology, developed by Sbit. In the MER (Main Equipment Room) we placed the ‘cast server’ which controls the 93 IPTV’s. 

The resultthe guest establishes a connection with his tablet or mobile phone to the IPTV in the room. By means of a QR code, connected to a Chromecast, a secure connection is made. In this way we guarantee absolute privacy for the guest. 

Flexibility and just ‘getting things done’ is what Sbit stands for

Marianne van der Sterren  HR & ICT Manager Bastion Hotels