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All of your digital processes connected in such a way that your entire ICT-infrastructure is functioning in a good and secure manner. We offer the technical solutions suiting your hotel.

The problem

Hotels often grapple with the complexity and costs of managing multiple vendors, networks, reporting systems, and potential points of failure. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiency and distracts from the main focus: delivering excellent guest experiences.

One Network, One Platform

Sbit offers a streamlined solution: one network and one provider. This approach reduces complexity, enhances efficiency, and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters – providing the best guest experience. With Sbit, you can leave the technical management to us and focus entirely on your guests.

Work without distraction

Don’t be distracted. Sbit takes care of your hardware and software which is safe and up to date. Whether you work from your desk or mobile, everything you need has to be in order. A great workplace offers more joy and structure what will result in a better performance and greater service for your guests.

As we make use of a “custom image” per hotel or hotel chainwe are able to set up and deliver your hardware with your standard applications in a matter of time. Any other changes? We will take care of them using our automated endpoint management system. 
Day and night support

It goes without saying, You can count on 24/7 support: from a distance we prevent interferences and keep your systems up to date. Server updates will be carried out during the night so your employees won’t be bothered. On a daily basis we keep your applications safe and up to date by an automated process. 

Your network is centrally managed

Using cloud solutions is ideal. Especially when using Sbit’s configuration. Clear and simple. We developed the Sbit Hospitality Cloud based on the way hotels work. A smart concept whereby we efficiently manage your cloud based components.

The basis of the Hospitality Cloud is the network infrastructure and consists of a managed firewall and switches which are remotely configured, supported and optimised. The Hospitality Cloud can from there on be increased with a diversity of solutions, like cloud supported servers and workspaces .Therefore the latest updates are installed and the security is optimal.  

This concept contains a broad collection of cloud based solutions for hotels. These solutions can be acquired individually or bundled. All services are monitored from our Cloud Control Center where we monitor the components in real time and can (re)act instantly when needed. Examples are cloud managed TV’s, telephones, Wifi and more. We love to tell you more about it. 

Increase productivity

Office 365 makes life easy for your employees. Wherever you are and always secure. Whether you are in the office or on the road, with the Office-tools your Office programs are always up to date with the latest versions and without having to worry about security and control.

Work and share your work from your PC, smartphone or Mac, ideal isn’t it? Being enthusiastic Office 365 users we absolutely recommend this system. We will install the system and explain the users how to use it in a safe way. 

Office 365 is completely scalable, you only pay what you need. No stress with regards to servers who have no space left and using complicated VPN connections in order to get to your documents. All your information immediate and safely available on every device, you want this as well, don’t you?   

Modernizing your infrastructure

The switch infrastructure is the basis for your network. See it being the highway with different lanes. Some traffic you want to go faster (telephony for example), as other traffic you want go milliseconds slower (opening of webpages).

We love creating infrastructures and modernizing your current infrastructure. We have all the knowledge to configure/build your network and to upscale your current network. Your internet connection is in safe hands with us as. We are able to help you acquiring your fiber connection as well as providing you with a managed firewall, which protects your hotel from threads and can even be set up with secure connections between different locations. 

All components are being monitored and managed using our reliable platform. Do you have your own ICT-TeamWe enjoy sharing our tools, so your team can experience the ease of Sbit. We love working together! 

Use case

Odyssey Hotel Group

Both guest and hotel manager will have a good night sleep. PC updates will be carried automatically by Sbit. Server updates are taken care of during the night, risks of downtime during busy times are minimized. This is convenient for you, for us it is common and just a part of our 24/7 services.

Insights & Highlights

The future of

guest experience

This study seeks to provide valuable insights into the opinions and perspectives of more than 250 European hotel managers regarding the future of guest experience in their establishments.