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Better safe than sorry... we are prepared!

It is the responsibility of Sbit to make sure the hotelier does what he is good at. The hotelier may expect from Sbit the complete responsibility for the ICT environment. Unfortunately though, disturbing situations occur. Examples are a server crash, ransomware, crypto viruses or even water or fire damage, a scene of horror for every hotelier. 

One of the  Radisson hotels we manage was unfortunately struck by an unfaithful event. In our Network Operating Center we noticed failures. We immediately reacted and acted. What was the case? Water damage in the server room resulting in a server crash! For a lot of hotels a nightmare, but not for this hotel. A number of months earlier we had put a ‘business continuity’ solution in place, thanks to this the operation could continue. 

One of the best solutions at this moment is without doubt the Datto SIRIS 4. A complete business continuity and disaster recovery product rangebuild to prevent data loss and to minimise downtime. In the past two years we provided the majority of our customers with this ‘back-up & disaster recovery’ solutiona reassuring thought for both parties.  

In addition to the loss of data a recovery like this one would normally take a number of days of manpower and stressThanks to this solution the system was up and running again within 15 minutes, business as usual’ without any loss of data. Within several days a new server was configured and installed. 

The customer’s justifiable reaction was: What if…., luckily we were prepared for the ‘if!