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The Wifi experience at Corendon Hotels should exceed it all

It is one of the biggest and modern 4 star hotels in the Benelux: The Corendon Village Hotel. The management naturally wants the best for all 680 rooms, spread out over 3 buildings. 

Corendon asked Sbit to provide them with the ICT facilities and to connect them to the digital era. Sbit supplies the hotel with the ICT solutions. A brand new infrastructure has been installed with numerous sub systems, like: Wifi for the guests, an IP camera surveillance system, VoIP telephony and IPTV in every room. All these services running on one central network with a fiber backbone. 


As guests use more data nowadays downtime is no option. With that in mind the choice for a redundant 10 Gigabit network between the three buildings was created, so all processes and systems can run smoothly. The fiber connections are in a ring construction. If a disturbance occurs the network can still run with the same speed, as a different route will be used having created this construction. 


Every system is connected to its own VLAN in order to rule out interference. The Wifi system for the guests is separated from the office network by means of a VLAN in the switches. This network can even when there is a 100% occupancy serve all guests with secure internet in all buildings. 


The surveillance system with IP cameras makes use of the network as well. Every room is accommodated with VoIP telephony and IPTV. Only one network cable is used to the rooms which connects to the in-room access point. It distributes the signal to the VoIP telephone and the IPTV. Less cabling and switches are needed while having an excellent coverage in every room using this solution. Does the hotel want a new app, like Netflix, or channel adjustments, we can do this for all 680 tv’s in one go.