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Hotel IT Solutions for a Better Guest Experience

The swift technological advancements have significantly influenced the hospitality industry in hotel IT solutions.

Due to the ever-changing demographics, social media influence, and increased expectations, there’s a greater need for customizable guest services.

This means that most hospitality businesses are either forced to redefine not only their marketing strategies but their technology stack as well.

With IT being such a vital part of your service offering, finding a technology partner who understands the hospitality industry and can deliver trustworthy and robust IT solutions is in your best interest.

Here at Sbit, we provide innovative solutions for the hospitality industry while modernizing operations and engaging and enhancing the guest experience.

Our IT support packages meet all your requirements and budgets, allowing you to focus on running your business while we concentrate on taking care of your systems and keeping your data secure.

Not only do we find solutions and support your IT, but our team will be your single point of contact for all your hotel IT issues.

List of Hotel IT Solutions

Hospitality IT solutions can cover everything you need, from cloud hotel software to on-premise hotel software and PMS, POS, and TMS solutions.

Our IT solutions include:

24/7 IT support

Our team provides reliable 24/7 IT support for all your IT infrastructure and systems.

In an emergency, you can call us, and we’ll answer within 10 seconds.

You do not need to press an extension phone number, and most tech issues are resolved at the first point of contact.

We are aware of your need to deliver reliable, fast, and secure IT services for your guests, so we provide IT solutions to support a wide variety of facilities, from POS, TMS, and PMS solutions, to CCTV services and safe Wi-fi.

We understand that running a hospitality business requires daily management, 365 days a year.

This is where we step in.

Hotel IT support 24/7/365

24/7 Monitoring

You may know how challenging and frustrating it is when your business is let down by technology, significantly if it impacts your guest experience and brand recognition.

By monitoring all your IT systems all around the clock, our team ensures high availability and responsiveness to any identified issues while keeping a minimal impact on your operations.

Through our active monitoring services, we can monitor, support, and manage all devices connected to a network cable at all times.

Additionally, our monitoring services cover interfaces, hotel TMS, POS, PMS, servers, databases, workstations, mobile devices, laptops, WiFi infrastructure, backup, and data storage.

We will monitor your hotel technology day and night while providing cost-effective managed support.

By uncovering the root causes of your IT issues, we will accelerate the problem identification and resolution to ensure optimal hotel IT infrastructure performance.

Hotle IT solutions: 24/7 monitoring

Hotel CCTV

CCTV is a core component of your hotel and security strategy, so you should ensure that you have the best IT solutions for your needs.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit televisions, commonly referred to as video surveillance.

It goes without saying that a CCTV system can ensure that your guests, team, and property remain secure at safe 24/7.

Besides reducing the likelihood of non-paying guests or intruders using your hotel facilities, CCTV can complement your various security measures to monitor all your operations or team.

Furthermore, you can identify problems in the public areas of your hotel, including hotel reception, entrances, parking, exterior, and pool areas.

At Sbit, we provide customizable IT solutions to help you balance your security needs with your team and guests’ privacy requirements.

Our CCTV systems operate in some of the most prestigious hotels, fully managed by our team of experienced engineers.

We can install cameras and network feeds to hotel areas that others have said were impossible.


In the hospitality industry, smooth and effective communication is vital.

To enhance your guest experience easily, you must provide your customers with excellent connectivity for revenue-generating activity, including room service.

Our team deeply understands various leading telephone solutions and will work with you to find the ideal solution for your needs and requirements.

Hotel telephony solutions by Zyxel

Data Backups

Reduce any cyber attack risk by ensuring the safety of your critical business data. You can only do this by setting up a secure, fast, and highly resilient backup solution.

Here at Sbit, we will tailor a data backup solution to your hotel’s requirements, including deployment models hosted, collocated, or on-premise in the cloud or a combination of these three.

Ensure maximum protection for your hotel’s applications and data to avoid any potential attacks from cyber criminals.

By partnering with our proven provider of hotel IT solutions, you can focus on running your business and rest assured knowing you and your data are in safe hands.

Cyber Security

Hotels are pretty vulnerable to cyber security threats, meaning that you and your data may be at risk.

Particular vulnerabilities may lie within your website, online travel agents, PMS, or overall IT infrastructure.

As a hotel business owner, you must ensure the security infrastructure in place for better hotel and data protections.

Use market-leading technology to protect yourself and your hotel from internal and external threats.

Your employees are the most vital link in your hotel; that’s why you need to provide them with digital awareness and take proactive steps to protect guest data.

We can support you by reviewing your software for vulnerabilities, uncovering where your data is stored and protected, conducting a complete risk analysis, and monitoring your system 24/7 in case any unusual activity occurs.

We will also train and make your colleagues and team security aware.

Your guests will likely visit you in the future based on the trust and confidence you build.


Security Camera’s

There are various regulations for security cameras.

From how long you can keep your recordings to who is allowed to watch them, resolution, point of view, or even frames per second, our team can offer you the answers to all these questions and more.

We create the perfect security camera scheme and design, giving you a simple choice.

Placing your security camera in different places in your hotel might be a touchy subject when it comes to your guest’s privacy.

Still, we are here to guide and advise you on any security camera issues.

Hotel security cameras

Other IT Solutions

By embracing cloud computing at your hotel, you can reduce or eliminate many upfront costs while having faster access to upgraded systems.

Adopting the Sbit Hospitality Cloud computing has many benefits, from improving your guest experience streamlining your operations, and saving your costs.

The basis of the Hospitality Cloud is the network infrastructure which consists of a managed firewall and switches.

They are remotely configured, supported, and optimized.

This allows you to handle emerging digital, mobile, and data management trends more quickly and efficiently.

You could integrate innovative technology that lets your guests access your services via their phones, freeing up your team to concentrate on other hotel tasks.

Another hotel IT solution is the switch infrastructure.

At Sbit, we have the experience and knowledge to build your network and upscale your current one.

We can get you a fiber connection and a managed firewall that protects your hotel from cyber threats and that can be set up with secure connections between various locations.

Why Sbit Hotel IT Solutions?

Here at Sbit, we have the resources, expertise, and knowledge to design, develop, and manage available, secure, and fast technology platforms and IT solutions for a better guest experience.

Day and night.

Our group of experienced and highly dedicated engineers is available 24/7, providing you with trustworthy coverage whenever necessary.

In most cases, we’ll provide you with a single point of contact for all our IT solutions.

We are your trusted IT partner.

You can count on us to be there for you whenever you need us.

We are ready to give you the right IT solutions for your needs and preferences and advice to meet your hotel requirements.

When you reach us, we will create custom IT solutions with the optimal services to ensure your short-term needs and long-term expectations are met.

We enjoy sharing our tech skills and tools, so your team can experience the ease of Sbit.

Contact us today at +31 182 747 000 to get the best custom IT solutions for your hotel.


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