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Guests and employees want the same digital comfort when away from home and do not want to worry about ICT matters when in a hotel. That’s what we do!


The problem

Hotels often grapple with the complexity and costs of managing multiple vendors, networks, reporting systems, and potential points of failure. This fragmented approach leads to inefficiency and distracts from the main focus: delivering excellent guest experiences.

One Network, One Platform

Sbit offers a streamlined solution: one network and one provider. This approach reduces complexity, enhances efficiency, and allows you to concentrate on what truly matters – providing the best guest experience. With Sbit, you can leave the technical management to us and focus entirely on your guests.

Tailor made Wifi coverage

We do not have to tell you about the importance of Wifi: Guest ratings highly depend on it. Running water and Wifi are the most important aspects to have a satisfied guest. Hotel guests expect fast and reliable Wifi. Whether it is used for sending an email, creating a presentation or to relax while streaming Youtube or Netflix content. Wifi should be available at all times, that’s a fact.

Sbit thinks about it and makes sure that there is a reliable Wifi network for your guests and employees. Mobile POS, chip and pin, calling, mobile PMS (status change hotel rooms), surfing. Everything is possible using our wireless networks. 

We stand for excellent Wifi coverage for every guest and employee, tailor made. Organizing a congress and in need of a temporary network? We will unburden you and your organizer. 

Clear and crisp communication

By using digital signage the way it is meant to be you are able to communicate even more direct with your guests.

Hotels often make use of digital signage in combination with narrowcasting. Clear, effective and relevant communication between you and your guests is very important nowadays. The need for information is high, the guest wants the hotel to operate according to his wishes and this way of communication helps by creating the experience you want the guest to have.   

Change or editing content with the software provided is easy. Staff members can edit content, create new content and change display time slots per area and screen. We are glad to help you make the best choice for your hotel and your guests.  

Telephony has come a long way

The large PBX in the basement is not of these times anymore. Nowadays telephony is nothing more than a possibility of communication using the same network as your computer is using.

Using a phone is just one way to place a call. You can also use a headset connected to your computer or use an app on your mobile phone. Call queue, welcome message, screen on the wall in the reservations department with call statistics, everything is a standard functionality within 3CXEven wake-up calls, open and closing of linesroom status changes via PMS and showing guest names on the telephone display are standard. 

From virtual telephone line (sip trunk) to telephones, from intercom to electronic, from door opening to mobile integration, from placing calls through your computer to disclosure of the analog room telephones, Sbit has the solution. Call us for an appointment. Sbit is 3CX Platinum partner, we are proud of our partnership.  

Watching TV, just like at home

We are able to provide you with different television channel bundles over fiber, coax and satellite. Furthermore we make sure that your guest is able to watch his favorite movies and series using his laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Also without this connection there are a number of applications we can set up for the guests in order for the guest to stream their own content.

The television system will be configured using your corporate identity and information you want to show. For example, the hotel ABC (breakfast times, etc), but also your information movie with activities in and around the hotel. We offer complete solutions for IP-networks, as well as coax or a combination of these. 

When the network is combined with Hotel Television by Sbit, a PMS connection can be established. Whenever the guest checks outthe configuration of the television will be reset. During his stay he can use his native language. We are looking forward to tell and show you more about our Hotel television solutions 

Wifi experience at

Corendon Hotels

A brand new infrastructure has been installed with numerous sub systems, like: Wifi for the guests, an IP camera surveillance system, VoIP telephony and IPTV in every room. All these services running on one central network with a fiber backbone.

Insights & Highlights

The future of

guest experience

This study seeks to provide valuable insights into the opinions and perspectives of more than 250 European hotel managers regarding the future of guest experience in their establishments.