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Hotel digital signage ideas and common mistakes

In the ever-changing hospitality industry, hotels are doing whatever it takes to connect with their guest and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

This is where digital signage comes in.

Across all industries, digital signage is a vital piece of technology.

Studies have shown that more than 73% of universities and schools think digital signage is essential to the future of education and general communication.

Since excellent communications stand at the heart of the hospitality industry, hoteliers have started to wonder whether digital signage can improve their businesses.

Undoubtedly, digital signage is a fantastic tool hotelier can use to engage with their guests in new and exciting ways.

As modern hotels and companies are increasingly searching for methods to make a long-lasting impression on their guest, most see the hotel lobby digital signage as the perfect choice.

Whether you are operating a small boutique hotel or a large hotel chain, the first impression you have on your guest is everything.

That’s why digital signage might be just what you are looking for; an excellent, cost-effective way to entertain, engage and inform your guests as few other hotels can.

As a hotel owner, you can use digital signage to display web pages, animations, photos, motion graphics, video, and other media.

The touchscreen display will allow your guests to order food, call room service, and more.

Better guest experience with pms system

Why Should You Use Hotel Digital Signage?

Hospitality providers should do everything possible to deliver the highest customer service so their guests can differentiate and elevate themselves above the competition.

Any information passed on via digital communication will be far superior to the guest experience than standard static or paper messages.

Regardless if you’re displaying digital menu boards, signs, interactive kiosks, or information points, you can considerably improve customer service, reduce waiting times, increase sales, and build brand loyalty.

Furthermore, digital hotel signage can bring a new layer of accessibility and flexibility to your marketing strategy.

Utilizing your hotel lobby screens as a digital concierge can engage your guest while saving your employees valuable time.

In addition to modernizing your hotel, digital signage is one of the most modern ways your hotel can increase its bottom line. Use digital signage screens to attempt your guests to your on-site restaurant or bar or guide them to fun activities.

The most common digital signage options include media players, digital touchscreen menus, smart TVs, flat panel displays, tablets, or smart kiosks.

Seek out the perfect location to place these viewers and gain a fair new revenue stream for your business. However, avoid going overboard, as too many ads can turn off your guests.

You’ll soon notice the great benefits of adopting digital signage solutions, from spreading awareness about your business (not just to your customers but also on social media) to increasing revenue and protecting your guests.

Hotel Digital Signage Ideas

The hospitality industry has reached exceptional technological levels to add more stars to its customers’ services, and opportunities with digital signage are now endless.

No one knows better than hotels that the first impressions are always the ones that count.

That’s why hotel businesses are always looking for ways to make a memorable impact on their visitors.

Anything less may affect their 5-star reviews, and that cannot happen. Some of the most compelling hotel digital signage ideas include:

#1. Welcome Messages

The first ten minutes are always the most crucial to ensure a strong impression on your visitors.

You can set up a special welcome message for your hotel guests as soon as they arrive at your reception desk.

When you enter your premises, create and display a statement with their names.

Building a personalized digital experience for your guests will lead to stronger customer loyalty, increased guest satisfaction, and more recommendations.

#2. Display Hotel Announcements and Discounts

An effective way to use digital hotel signage is to display discounts and exclusive and special offers your hotel is currently offering, including premium or lifetime memberships or combo offers.

Moreover, communicate essential information to the guests around the hotel.

If needed, inform them of maintenance projects, renovation updates, policy changes, services updates, or display facility information and restaurant hours.

Display key information your customers would like to know, starting from weather forecasts (current temperature or weather predictions), indoor navigations, or in-house services and amenities.

#3. Self-Sevice Maps

Placing digital signage in the hotel reception lobby or the elevators is an excellent way of expanding your branding strategy.

You can help your visitors get where they want to go by installing easily accessible self-service directories and touchscreen maps.

You’ll want your customers to feel confident and comfortable in their surroundings, so place floor maps, property pictures, and city directions so your customers can quickly get where they want.

Familiarize your customers with the city by displaying nearby places to visit, the opening and closing times, and ATMs.

Better guest experience with pms system

#4. Social Media Walls

You can use social media walls in the lobby area to enhance your brand’s recognition. Display your customers’ testimonials and reviews from Facebook, Yelp, or Google to build trust and authenticity among your clients.

In addition, share social media posts with your tag, hashtag, or mentions from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You’ll be telling your guests what people are thinking about your hospitality services in real time.

Such content will value your customers in return for their loyalty and trust.

#5. Events & Celebrations

Invite your guest to your special occasions or the events you are organizing. Announcing your invitations loudly through speakers or sending invites personally is old-fashioned and may create discomfort among your visitors.

Instead, invite and inform guests through digital signage with the event venue, timing, or theme.

By harnessing the power of digital signs, you can customize daily schedules taken from your calendar system.

#6. Emergency Alerts

In an emergency, people’s safety can depend on the information’s speed and accuracy.

From security issues to severe weather, you can instantly change what’s on your digital screens to showcase preassigned alert messages with clear and concise instructions for your guests and employees alike.

For a less urgent time, you can display announcements and news at the reception.

#7. Add a Digital Concierge

Employing a digital concierge is an excellent way of letting your guest connect with the local community.

Most hotels now use digital signage solutions for a virtual concierge to display up-to-date information in real-time.

It would be best to place a touchscreen display in the lobby so visitors can see the local weather information, must-see attractions, news, or traffic conditions.

You can add fun tidbits of the local area or unique history highlights to provide a more immersive local experience.

Besides offering contactless information to your guests, they will surely be impressed with the digital concierge, mainly if they have never used one before.

Better guest experience with pms system

The Most Common Mistake in Hospitality Digital Signage You Should Avoid

In a world of technology, capturing your customers’ attention is getting considerably harder.

While digital signage is a powerful tool, it only catches your guest’s attention when handled correctly. This is available for the hospitality industry, too.

The most common mistakes you should try your best to avoid include:

Choosing a Wrong Hotel Digital Signage Software

It would be best if you chose the ideal digital signage software solution based on the global goal you want to achieve.

If you’re selecting the right software, creating your content and displaying it will run smoothly and save you lots of time and money.

It’s not rare when hotels go for digital signage solutions without first checking their capabilities.

Not Placing Your Displays Strategically

After you have got your digital signage software running, it’s about time to consider the location of your displays.

Whether you’re operating a cozy B&B or large hotel chain, the location of your display screen matters.

If you don’t place them strategically, you may end up with a completely ineffective hotel digital signage network.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute states that the average attention span is around eight seconds. You must find the perfect spots to capture your guest’s attention.

Your digital screens should be placed where people spend more time or walkthrough, such as in the lobby area, front desk, fitness hall, or hotel room.

Buying Screens With Poor Image Quality

Your content can be one of the most engaging in the world. That is all for nothing if your screen is dull, the image is poor, and you can hardly see anything.

Before investing in digital signage, analyze the market of screens. Read as many reviews as possible, watch unpacking videos, and check out the website of the companies that provide digital screens.

These screens will represent your brand, so ensure that this representation is at the highest standards.

Producing Dispensable Content

The hospitality world is all about knowing how to surprise your guests.

Ensure that your content is always thought-through and well-designed. It would be best if you never stopped considering and exploring your customers’ needs so that you get to understand their interests and even pains better.

If you’re running a promotional ad, try not to inflict it on your guest, but do it subtly when the time is right.

Take notes of what content works and doesn’t, and study your visitors’ reactions when the content is displayed.

Not Considering the Operating Environment

Hotel digital signage is often placed in common areas such as lobbies and may be negatively impacted by sunlight based on the time of day and year.

Ensure your signage solutions do not get overpowered by sunlight. Moreover, various factors such as cold, heat, and humidity may require special enclosures and hardware.

How Can Sbit Help with Hotel Digital Signage?

Here at Sbit, we understand that the need for technology is critical.

We think that clear and crisp communication with your guest is what really counts in the hospitality industry.

Using digital signage correctly allows you to communicate more directly with your visitors.

Your guests will want your hotel to operate based on their wishes, and through digital signage, you can create the ultimate experience for all your customers.

We want to provide interactive communication platforms that give you complete control over your digital display network through digital signage.

Our digital signage solutions allow you to design, share, and manage your ads, stories, or announcements on any digital display.

With Sbit, you can now bring your screens to life while delivering your guests the best possible brand experience.

We live in a fast-moving, non-stop world, so the messages you want to display need to grab your guests’ attention. Your real-time content should constantly be refreshed, up-to-date, and relevant.

Once your content is relevant, your audience will be engaged.

When you contact us, we will create a custom digital signage solution with the optimal services to meet both your short-term needs and long-term goals

Whether you run a budget, resort, chain, small, or big hotel, you have our complete focus.

Knowing that you can have us as your trusted partner looking for your interest and technology should offer you the confidence to extend your business and stand out from the competition. Contact us today at +31 182 747 000 to implement the right digital signage solutions for your hotel and provide the ultimate experience for your guests.


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