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Why is 24/7 hotel IT support so important?

Technology has significantly changed the hospitality industry in recent years.

Yet without reliable IT support, even the latest technology might be vulnerable and cumbersome.

Whether you operate a thousand-unit high-rise hotel or run a small B&B, you cannot afford any mistakes.

From registration to hotel-to-customer interactions, checkout, accounting, investment, and building projects, superior IT support for hotels will make serving your guests more efficient and more accessible.

Not only is an IT service provider keeping abreast of changes in the ever-evolving hospitality industry, but they also recognize these changes within your company.

The Benefits of IT Support for Hotels

We understand that IT services can enhance your brand’s recognition and reach a new level of success of growth.

That’s why we provide trustworthy IT support services so that you can mitigate your IT risk and increase your customers and team’s satisfaction.

You and your guests deserve the best.

It truly takes a spotty Wi-fi or poor network connection for a client to share a review from five to three starts or less.

Modern technology stands at the heart of your hotel, and a cyber-hacking incident can have a devastating impact on your brand.

By all means, you must ensure professional hotel IT support to design and deploy a comprehensive IT infrastructure to guarantee maximum return on your investments without any further complications.

With more hotels investing and implementing digital services, top-notch IT support becomes increasingly essential every day.

Moreover, hotel chains are experiencing increased challenges, starting from the hospitality skills shortage to inadequate IT support.

To help you out, our hotel IT support team provides 24/7 service desk, remote monitoring, out-of-hours maintenance, application support, end-user support, security, and compliance services.

#1. Helps You with Hotel Technology and Applications Vendors

You may use various software applications and technology vendors to ensure your hotel runs at its best.

Whether these include apps specific to your hotel business or general application (PMS, POS, Door Locking System), coordinating your tech vendors can be pretty challenging if you don’t have an IT expert.

Your internal IT employees may not have up-to-date knowledge about infrastructure, systems, or networks, so you need the most reliable IT support team by your side who can manage local and global IT issues.

#2. Keeps Your Data Secure

In the hospitality competitive industry, your data is classified into two categories:

  • Back office data
  • Customer data

With constant changes, technology may sometimes become tricky and put your data at risk.

Our team provides hotel IT support services to ensure your business is compliant with data security laws while avoiding any severe consequences that may arise from a cyber attack.

From server, application, and network support, to network security and desktop and end-user support, we have a great deal of experience providing reliable 24/7/365 IT support for your systems and IT infrastructure.

Better guest experience with pms system

#3. Reduce IT Operating Costs

Our hotel IT support services are cost-effective, allowing you to protect your reputation and revenue while taking your guest experience to the highest level.

You can lower costs by outsourcing your IT support rather than hiring your in-house team.

Through our revenue management services, you may increase your hotel revenue using a system that’ll help you manage your inventory and rates across your distribution channels.

Furthermore, you can improve your clients’ retention by implementing loyalty memberships and profiles.

At Sbit, we understand that the hotel industry is never sleeping.

Due to our remote access technology and worldwide network of skilled engineers, we provide around-the-clock solutions to meet the exact specifications and needs of your hotel and guests.

From cabling to vital networks, desktop machines, and software packages, we will analyze and ensure your IT infrastructure delivers maximum ROI and optimum performance.

Custom Hotel IT Support Services

Running a hotel is a complex and continuous job requiring daily management, 365 days a year.

Our dedicated team understands how essential it is to provide a trusted and cost-effective IT support service to ensure your hotel runs smoothly.

We are aware of the need to deliver secure, reliable, and fast hotel IT services to support the extended range of facilities from offering safe Wi-fi, CCTV services, internal desktop systems, and POS, PMS, and TMS solutions.

Having worked with various hospitality businesses, we have gained experience partnering with hotels and feel confident that our custom hotel IT support services offer peace of mind.

When you use our hotel IT support services, you can rest assured that your system is being managed by the best.

Whether you want to ensure your employees have everything they need at their fingertips or you are searching for fully managed IT support, we can provide custom services tailored to you, regardless if you have an emergency or not.

From software and hardware upgrades to troubleshooting network connections and installing new equipment, we can help you find ideal solutions for all your technology issues.

You cannot afford to waste any time waiting for an IT guy to fix your issues and get the systems running again.

At Sbit, we provide hotels with the necessary tools to resolve any IT issues or track processes across their operation in easy-to-use software.

We advise on, develop, integrate, and ensure IT maintenance to help hotels achieve highly secured networks while performing optimally.

Needless to say that our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience needed to craft the ideal IT solution for each and every client. We are on hand 24/7/365 days around the year to offer customizable IT support services and deal with all your tech needs.

In most cases, we can solve the problem immediately, so we do not need to come on-site, as your ICT network can be managed remotely.

How Can Sbit Help You?

Your guests expect nothing but the highest standards of service.

Elements such as secure, fast, and reliable network connections and state-of-the-art technology systems are vital to your company’s success.

Add these to the complex ecosystem of software, hardware, servers, applications, and networks, and you may face a challenge that you simply need to overcome to meet the demands of today’s hotel industry.

Lack of IT support can result in insufficient staff and poor guest experience or cyber security hacks.

At Sbit, we guarantee a quick response, and most tech issues are resolved at the first point of contact.

Our primary goal is not just to meet your demands but to exceed your IT expectations.

When you contact us, we’ll create a custom solution with the optimal services to meet your short-term needs and long-term goals.

Knowing that you can have Sbit as your trusted partner looking for your interest and technology should give you the confidence to extend yourself and stand out from the competitors.

Whether you run a chain, budget, resort, small, or big hotel, you have our complete focus.

Contact us today at +31 182 747 000 to build your infrastructure, advise you on projects, support your people and systems, and reduce your hacking risk while giving you a competitive edge.


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