The GuestU App

The new normal
in your hotel.

Your hotel would also like to use the new App to make the new normal a lot easier? The GuestU App helps, but does much more at the same time.





The GuestU App has a lot of features suiting your hotel and guests. Many features contribute to the so-called "new normal" in your hotel.

Features that contribute to “Social Distancing” in your hotel:

  • Online Check-in & Check-out
  • City map & hotel information
  • Mobile room key
  • Order Room Service
  • Chat between guests & reception
  • Use as TV remote control
  • Control curtains and lighting

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras

Your hotel is or is about ready for the 1.5 meter distance society by now.

How do you restore the trust of your guests and employees? One way to do this is to show that your guests and employees safety is also your safety.

Sbit’s thermal camera solution will support you in this. A second is all it takes to get the result when looking for individuals who may have a fever. The temperature measurement is without physical contact. We offer several thermal camera solutions to fit your needs.

It is important to note that no images are stored.

Do you want to see the camera in action? Fill in the contact form or call Bert-Jan: 0031 6 418 14 540